Our Pastor

Pastor A Gilbert Regu

Pastor Gilbert is the founder of Mangaf Full Gospel Church, Kuwait.

Mangaf Full Gospel Church

Mangaf Full Gospel Church was started as a Praying group (Prayer Meeting) in June 1999 on every Wednesday at Pastor Gilbert's house.

Young men who had a burning desire to win souls went to the labour camps on other days, ministered the love of Jesus and the good news about salvation, and led them to Christ's salvation. These people also attended the Wednesday services and were strengthened in the Lord. According to Acts 2:47, The Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved and the number of people increased.

In the beginning, there was only one service per week. Then, from September 2002, two services were conducted per week. Pastor's house was filled with thirsty souls worshipping the lord. As the house was not enough, a basement hall was taken for rent in June 2003 where the services are currently being held.

"Go ye Therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son, and of the Holy Ghost," Mathew 28:19. According to Jesus great commission, people who accept the Lord as their Savior are being baptized by immersion in water and are led to be filled by the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

An English service was started from November 2006 on every Sunday and people are being blessed.

There is Fasting Prayer with communion service on the first Friday morning of every month. Chain Prayer is held on first Thursday from 7:00 pm to Friday 7:00 am every month. There is All Night Prayer on every fourth Thursday night for the spiritual growth of the members.

Mangaf Full Gospel Church launched into the cell ministry & these cells groups are now springing up in areas like Mina Abdulla, Managaf, Fahaheel, Abuhalifa, Mahaboula, Fintas, Amgara & AlZoor. As a result, more people are experiencing God's grace and love. Because of the cell ministry and a vision for winning souls, the Church is able to reach out to new comers while strengthening it's current members. We have seen many lives impacted through the small group ministry.

Church operates with more than 16 associate church leaders along with Sr. Pastor Gilbert.

Ministers of this fellowship walk on the streets to pray and bind the evil forces and lead Jericho Prayer on every fifth Friday morning. Jericho Prayer walk has been completed 7 times for the following places in Kuwait i.e. Managaf, Fahaheel, Abuhalifa & Mahabola. Presently, Jericho Prayer walk are being conducted in Fintas, Funaitees & Egaila areas of Kuwait.

The church supports 11 Missionaries and 2 orphanages in India. Members who are interested in the ministry are provided ISOM classes. Bible classes are being conducted for children, youth prayer meetings for the youth and the ladies prayer meetings for the ladies. The Church helps poor people. Spiritual books and cassettes are also circulated free to the members for their spiritual growth.